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Would you be surprised to learn that Jesus Christ's name was not and IS not Jesus Christ?  The real surprise is that most Christians don't know this!  Most do not even know what the word "Christian" means!  Before we get to Jesus' true given name, let's discuss the meaning of the word "Christian".

To begin, "Christ" is not Jesus' last name.  In the Christian religious tradition, Jesus is thought of as "the Christ" and thus he is referred to as "Jesus Christ".  The word "Christ"actually means "the Light of God made manifest in physical form".  Of course, that would indeed describe the man we know as Jesus.  However, it also describes you and me and everyone and everything!  For God is everything at every moment everywhere! God is Creation itself!

In the New Testament, we read that the man known as Jesus sought to heighten the awareness of people and remind us that we are Divine creations of light.  He said: "Have I not said ye too are Gods?" and "As I have done, so you too shall do".  This man never came here to proclaim himself superior to anyone.  But he certainly was a special man because he was AWARE that he was no better or worse than any other of God's creations.  The man known as Jesus sought to impart this wisdom to others.  But at the time, his concepts proved to be too radical and posed a threat to those in authority - and so he was ultimately destroyed for expressing them.

Now, what is Jesus' true given name?  His name is recorded in the original scriptures as
YASHUA BEN YOSEF.  This is translated into English directly as "Annointed One who is Son of Joseph."  Then how did we end up calling him "Jesus"?  That's simply a habit we've fallen into.  "Jesus" is a mistranslation into English from a mistranslation into Latin from a Mistranslation from the Greek word "Iesous" from a rough translation from the oirignal Hebrew "Yashua" (or "Yeshua")
.  The name "Jesus" never existed in any culture until it was cobbled together over many centuries of inept  scriptural translations.  In fact, there was never even a letter "J" in the Roman alphabet until the 17th century.  Certain Romance languages (i.e. those based upon original Latin) such as Italian to this day still do not include the letter "J" in their alphabet.

Bear in mind,
Yashua Ben Yosef's name is not the only thing that has fallen prey to poor translation and revision over the past 2 thousand years.  The collection of books that we know as The Bible have been edited, added too, re-worded, "updated" and changed and continue to be so.  For more information on this, please go to the CENSORED BOOKS OF THE BIBLE page.

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