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My name is Dave.  I'm a New Englander now living in the heart of New York City. Amongst other things I am an author, award-winning filmmaker, writer, big band crooner, artist model and life coach.  My interests have always tended towards the "esoteric and ethereal" so when Mike contacted me and asked if I wanted to create a website involving spirituality and the origins of religious beliefs, it was a done deal. 

I was raised in a strong Catholic Christian family.  We went to church every Sunday and had regular religious instruction.  I learned that God created me and everyone.  I learned that God always was, is and always will be.  I learned that God is everywhere and knows everything. I learned that God is infinite and eternal Love.  I learned that Jesus came here to save us from our sins.  But being a good little "Spiritual Explorer"at an early age, I started questioning what exactly these things meant.   My parents certainly did their best to anwer the questions I had and so I feel that I got a good religious education.

As I grew up, a certain idea began to occur to me:  I AM God.  Not only that, I felt as though every person everywhere is God and everything we experience with our 5 senses is God and everything we cannot sense is God.  But often when I'd express this to people it met with either anger ("Oh, you are so blasphemous!") or laughter ("Oh, you are so nuts!"). I found myself asking questions such as: "Why, if God is all loving and all powerful, all present and all knowing - and in fact the Creator of everything - and why if God has always been and always will be - can we as humans be in any way seperate and apart from that which is God?"  The answer from many folks was often, "We're not supposed to know that" or, "That's what the Bible says" or "Stop asking me those questions."

In my humble oppinion, we cannot be seperate and apart from that which we call God.  We really ARE God!  All we must do to experience this truth is to heighten our awareness of it.  By believing that we are lowly, unworthy little sinners in the eyes of some removed, Divine being, we experience the results of this - in other words we cheat, we hate, we are afraid, depressed, angry, we hurt ourselves and others, we wage wars, we perpetuate disease etc.  These things are not our truth. They are lies that we only embrace as the truth.

I also began questioning commonly held notions about sex and politics and health.  For instance why do we view those in public office as more "powerful" than others?  Why are those with more money considered more "powerful" than others?  Why is sex "sinful" and "immoral"?  Why is monogamy "better" than polygamy?  Why is marriage ideal to begin with?  Why is public nudity punishable as "indecent"?  Why do we rely upon commercially driven sources to tell us what makes us healthy and what makes us sick?  I'm not saying there are any "right" or "wrong" answers to these questions  - I simply encourage everyone to ask these questions and consider that we are all AUTONOMOUS and thus we are not slaves to anybody or anything.

Since I was a child, I never liked the idea of eating food that came from a sentient being for health and ethical reasons.  But it wasn't until I was in my early 30's that I decided to become a vegetarian. During my transition to this way of life I began pondering things I was taught about diet, health and disease.  The answers I got about this were staggering!  I became aware that most  conventionallly accepted medical "facts" are not actually facts.   Just for starters, I learned that germs and viruses do not cause disease and that no medicine can cure disease!  This led me to start doing further research on the exact nature of health and disease.  I began to understand that we are "whole" beings- in other words we are a mind, body and spirit.  The more I discovered about this, the more amazed I became. I wanted to encourage people to heighten their awareness that we are powerful, limitless and Divine Creations of Light.  Imagine a world where the body heals itself at every moment.  Imagine a world with no need for ANY kind of medicines.  Imagine a world where you live happily, safely and healthily every moment!  This world is available to you right now without even asking!
Awareness is the main key to experiencing what we say we want here on earth:  health, happiness, security, peace, freedom, love.  I've found that being more aware  does not make me any better or worse than anyone else. However, it does make me better OFF than most. Over the years it has become my goal to help people in the best ways I can to focus on their truth and experience what they desire most.  One of the ways I've done this is through life coaching, speaking and writing.  If you are interested in learning more about this please read my book "A Banana In My Pocket (but I'm still happy to see you)" .  It is full of vital information on the truth of health and the mythologies surrounding disease.  It also packed with free links to other books and articles by acclaimed doctors, scientists and researchers, as well as a step by step plan to achieve total health and happiness NOW!  You can order the book in the "KNOWsis Store" page or email me at: 

As a filmmaker I explored the theme of "spirituality vs. religion" in my last feature film called "Taffy Was Born" .  The film is a psychological thriller about the effects of accepting blindly what one is taught about God and spirituality without questioning it - even to the point of doing horrendous things to oneself and others.  "Taffy Was Born" features some wonderful performances and garnered several international film festival awards.  It was also chosen as one of the best independent films of 2005 by Film Threat Magazine.  Here is a link with more information on it:
"Taffy Was Born" will soon be available as pay-per-view.  Check the Updates page for news about this.

You may not accept or agree with anything I express about spirituality or health - but I encourage you to question what it is you HAVE accepted as infallible - and start to get your own answers!  If you feel you are a "Spiritual Explorer", then you've come to a good place for this.  There is a lot to explore here on KNOWsis - from meeting new friends, pondering your own connection to Divinity, communing with other seekers in a respectful and friendly space, sharing aspects your own journey- and using your imagination!   Please visit all of the pages on this site including the forums.  Enjoy the ride!

Love and Blessings to All,

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