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Discover the Censored Gospels of the Bible!

Many people might be aware that the book we know as "The Bible" is actually a collection of books written by many authors over the course of many centuries.  The books comprising the New Testament were written some decades after the death of the great Spiritual Master Yahshua Ben Yosef (many know him by the name of "Jesus Christ" or "Jesus of Nazareth".  It is interesting to note that most biblical scholors and theologians actually doubt that any such city called "Nazareth" ever existed).  Then Roughly one century later, this collection of writings had become regarded as sacred teachings by a growing number of religious people who were seeking to found a great, organized church. 
Once Christianity was enforced more than 3 centuries after the death of Yashua Ben Yosef as the official religion of the Roman Empire by the Emperor Constantine- religious leaders convened at Nicea and edited the collection of writings known as "The Bible".  They removed any material that did not fit into their conception of the new church.  Whole gospels with any reference to woman having any recognizable power within the church structure, Jesus perhaps having a lover (of any sex) and any suggestion of reincarnation and pantheism were removed. 


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