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two more weeks of Mercury Retrograde!

Posted by croonprince on June 30, 2014 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes - it's true.  It will be another two more weeks from today before we are in the clear of this phase of Mercury Retrograde.  Again I remind everybody that this doesn't mean you have two more weeks of fretting about things going wonky (as can happen during these phases) but rather two more weeks to really focus on your true intents.  Here is a great video offering some practical steps you can take just for this!

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Mercury Retrograde Inspiration!

Posted by croonprince on June 28, 2014 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I trust all of you are getting through this phase of Mercury Retrograde (I know - it feels like we're ALWAYS in this phase!).  Here is a little inspiration and laughter from Gangaji to assist you.  Laughter is truly the best medicine for anything:

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Being Focused During Retrogrades

Posted by croonprince on June 11, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Fellow Universe Travelers.  Here we are again in Mercury Retrograde - that wonky time when things are...WONKY!  I know I've had some wonky things happen during these times and it can be very frustrating to say the least.  It's so easy to get caught up in the drama of weirdness - but actually Mercury Retrograde is a good time to step back and reflect and to FOCUS.  Take stock of all those loose ends or of those important goals you want to achieve and start to hone a game plan.  When Mercury goes back into it's normal orbit - you will be all the more ready to manifest things you desire.


Posted by croonprince on May 7, 2013 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Amazing World,

I't s been a while since I posted on this site - which I refer to as "an online sanctuary for spiritual explorers".  Thank you all who have continued to visit here over time.  

This morning I awoke in one of those "funks" you might call it - just feeling weighted down with things I want to do, fretting that I don't have enough time to do them or to do them as well as I'd like to do them, feeling uninspired and uncertain and feeling badly for this which added to my "funk" and then fretting that I was losing my mojo.  So with this all weighting me down I decided to revsit one of my favorite books on spiritual awakening - Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh.  I found a link on youtube of the fantastic audio version as read by Walsh along with Ed Asner and Ellen Burstyn.    Sometimes all it takes is stepping back and taking a good look at a situation to get us to let go of our negative claim on it.  A work such as "Conversations with God" can be so helpful in this way.  Is it "fixing us"?  Is it taking away our problems?  Is it making us, and others, change our mind?  No - works such as this are tools that can encourage us to focus.  Focus on what?  Focus on what is already here and now:  our joy.  our truth.  

On this earthly plane it is so easy and inevitable for us to get caught up in material concerns i.e :  Oh how will I pay the rent and bills, "oh what if I'm not good enough for that position, oh what if he/she doesn't love me, oh what if my health doesn't improve, oh what if the economy collapses etc.etc."   Those concerns and more can be ours at any moment.  But our truth, our joy, our center is always here and now despite the dramas we create.  

So I highly recommended listening to "Conversations With God".  The next time you wake up feeling blue or burdened in any way - remember that this is understandable as we are all on the earth which is the plane of drama.  But also remember that you have control over this.  Focus on what you truly love and consciously create the drama you want.

Please let me know how you are all doing with this!

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Dave and Diana's June Moon!

Posted by croonprince on May 20, 2011 at 9:17 PM Comments comments (0)

Music and laughter are the food of the soul.  I feel they pure expressions of who we truly are.  How ironic that music and laughter can be so rare on earth today.  It sometimes feels that we, as a human culture, have become afraid to express who we really are and that we have become more comfortable expressing who we are really NOT - i.e. anger, rage,  hostility, violence, resentment.  Our popular entertainment and culture has increasingly reflected this shift.  Art has become visually disjointed, cold "abstract".  Popular music has become all but melodic and lyrics are no longer beautifically crafted poems but now a screamed or spoken string of (often badly) rhymed obscenities.  I don't wish to put down anyone's taste in anything but what is now called popular "music" seems to be an expression of  other something other than joy and laughter.  

I think that each of us has great gifts to offer the world - and by extension every nation has great gifts to offer the world.  I feel that the greatest gift America has given the world is - no not finance - but music.  Just look at the amazing songs that came out of Tin Pan Alley from the years 1880 - 1950.  These tunes are a perfect blend of melody, lyric and rhythm.  So perfect and wonderful that they are still known today. It often makes me wonder when people today here a great recording of a classic pop tune from the 1930's and say "wow - nice tune" then they quickly forget about it and buy the latest rap or what have you tracks on itunes.  What are we afraid of that we don't want to support this wonderful music?

For whatever reason I've always been connected to the music of Tin Pan Alley (now called the "Great American Song Book").  In many ways I feel more nostalgic for the 1920's and 1930's than for my parts of my own era.  And as a singer - that is the music that I specialize in.  To me it's foolproof.  Who wouldn't like this music?  That said I want to invite you all to a very special concert I'm having on June 11 at the lovely Gershwin Hotel.  Join me and the lovely Diana Navarro for a banquet of beloved American pop classics from Tin Pan Alley - right in the area of New York where they were composed!  We'll be accompanied by Stuart Chamberlain on piano, Susan Mitchell on violin and Daniel Berges on guitar.  $15 in advance (recommended as seating is limited) and $20 at the door (cash only)

Call to order: 877-725-8849

or order online:

What is Energy?

Posted by croonprince on July 22, 2010 at 4:48 PM Comments comments (0)

During this very hot summer I've been inspired to contemplate the idea of "energy".  What is "energy" - I'd say it simply that it is the force, the power that makes everything what it is.  It is the power that always has been and always will be and that moves in and out of form at every moment.  It is limitless and eternal and cannot be created nor destroyed. 

However you want to describe "energy" I can tell you that I've felt my energies in flux this summer as the temps soared.  Normally I'd said I'm good in the summer and that traditionally I prefer the extreme heat to extreme cold.  But this summer has caused me to rethink this a bit!  I've felt myself dragging on some days since June.  And when I've felt draggy I've found myself getting impatient with myself "Oh come on.  What's the matter with you?!  Why are you dragging?  Snap out of it!  You always like the heat.  Get it together!"  But I want to remind myself and everyone that energy is always in flux.  It never is NOT in flux.  Rather than pushing myself to feel a certain way - it's good to step back and observe my current level of energy and understand it better.  What is going on with my thoughts that are affecting my energy consciously or unconsciously?  What choices have I been making to support this current pattern of energy?  Whether high energy or low energy - it's up to me to directly affect it at each moment.  If I'm worried about having low energy and trying not to have low energy then I'll keep perpetuating a low energy level.  If it's high energy I truly want then it is important for me to focus my thoughts on having high energy so I can manifest that.  No matter how hot and oppressive the temperatures might be, it's up to me to decide how I'm going to feel at each moment.  Like thoughts beget like thoughts and this produces like energy. 

So - whatever your current level of energy is - remember that YOU are the conduit and channel.  You control it's flow at every moment.  If you feel yourself caught up in a vortex of low or negative energy or unclean energy - simply stop and observe it.  Picture the type of energy you want to be filled and surrounded by.  Remember that you can change energy at any moment.  Just change your thoughts and then change your choices and you will change the resulting energy flow and field within and around you.  At any rate - no matter what the current energy situation you are experiencing - it shall pass:)

Please take a look at this short video meditation from Babaji on raising your energetic vibrations:

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Happy Summer

Posted by croonprince on July 6, 2010 at 7:08 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone,

Been a while since I communicated with you all here.  For many of us in the American North East - it's a scorcher of a summer.  No matter - I hope you all are keeping cool and happy.  Been a busy time for me.  I was just in Italy visiting my grandmother for her 100th birthday.  What a trooper she is!  Just got back from lovely Vermont where I was singing.  Before I left I sang at the memorial service for the last surviving Ziegfeld girl Doris Eaton Travis who passed away in May at the age of 106.  She too was quite a trooper!  Otherwise I'm gearing up to write my 5th children's novel - one in a series of "Ryan and Kara" adventure stories.  Then it's off to sing in Georgia and Pennsylvania. 

I want to encourage you all to keep focusing at each moment on what YOU most want to experience and manifest that.  Realize that everything we experience on this earth - we are manifesting either consciously or unconsciously.  Even terrible events such as the oil spill which continues to flood and contaminate our oceans we are all directly responsible for.  I am not talking about blame here - I'm talking about responsibility.  If we do not want to live in a word that is violent, polluted, contaminated and unsafe - then we can at this moment focus on the world we DO want and set about to manifest that.  Let's start by cleaning up this oily mess we've caused in the ocean and then start to make more responsible choices for ourselves and our planet.  Do take a moment to watch this wonderful video meditation "Healing the Waters with St. Germain" by beloved channeler Ashamarae McNamera:

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Posted by croonprince on April 6, 2010 at 8:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh, that old pal CHAOS.  Yikes! I won't pretend and say I love CHAOS and embrace it and think it's all hunky dory.  Nope!  CHAOS sure can mess things up in so many ways.  All I can offer is some encouragement that I have heard great teachers offer and that is:  No matter how CHAOTIC or stressful or fearful or uncertain things my appear in your life, TRUTH is always there.  TRUTH which is another word for love and peace and harmony and safefty and security and fulfillment and joy and freedom and sccess - is always right here now.  All we have to do is stop.  Yes - just stop and know that the TRUTH is eternal.  CHAOS may come - but it soon goes.  No matter - focus on the TRUTH.

With Mercury soon in retrograde (again) electro-magnetic energy field across the earth can become quite unsettled causing all sorts of CHAOS - especially related to inter-personal communication, telephones, computers etc. (as if we needed a Mercury Retrograde for this to happen!).  Don't be afraid.  Remember this too shall pass - no matter how overwhelming things might appear.  Hang loose and breathe and remember - in TRUTH - all is well!

Here to offer some encourgement to us is the wonderful teacher and spirit channeler Ashamarae with part one of St. Germaine's talk on Remembering Who You Are:

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Posted by croonprince on March 16, 2010 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

You may be familiar with the famous Cole Porter song entitled "What is This Thing Called Love?" but today I want to ask the non-musical question "What is this thing called FEAR"?

Yeah, what is this thing called fear?  In my estimation fear is like any other emotion in that it is a by-product of earthly/material existence.  Like any emotion, or really anyTHING, fear is neither "good" nor "bad" - it just is.  It is up to us to choose to be motivated by fear and it is up to us to decide if the results of that are what we want,  But FEAR itself is really a belief.  It is no more "real" than creating a boogyman out of old clothes and then believing this creation is "real" and will "get" us.

So - if fear then is not "real" and is only illusion, why have so many people for so long clung to fear as their way of life?  I will attempt to answer this by by saying that most people for so long have not even been AWARE that they are clinging to fear as their main life motivator.  It's just habit.

The operative word is AWARE.  When are are not aware, we believe in things that are not true and we experience the results of this.  I think in a mundane sense fear can be quite a useful tool.  For instance if we are traipsing through the forest and wolf starts chasing us - fear may prompt us to shinny up the nearest tree out of harms way.  However this is a double-edged sword.  For if we go through life "being ready" for trouble - such as expecting to be chased by a wolf chasing if we are to go into the woods - then we will manifest this experience of finding trouble.  If we continue to believe that life is struggle and strife and "unpredictable" and that we have to "watch our backs" all the time - then we will create the experience of living as victims of circumstance.  We'll continue to experience being "an accident waiting to happen".

People are creatures of habit.  We tend to be comfortable with what is familiar and what we're used to - even if at a closer look what we're used to is harming us or others.  But in a fear-driven culture, we encourage this and so are encouraged to keep living in fear.  So we think it's "normal" and "realistic" and we continue to live in fear and then complaining about how unhappy our lives are.

Ok, I want to ask again - what is fear?  It may be best to list some of the forms fear takes:

Greed, hatred, ANGER, vengeance, disease. dysfunction, war, crime, poverty, rage, suspicion, jealousy, intolerance, grief, hostility , depression, lonliness, guilt, shame, resentment, regret, punishment, destruction, dishonesty,terrorism,  violence, disdain, malice, disrespect, coercion.  Quite a roster huh?  And it's only a partial list. 

Is this what we want in our personal lives?  Is this what we desire for the world in which we  currently live?  I doubt any intelligent, balanced person would ever say yes to that quesiton.  So....where does that leave us?

It leaves us here and now.  In this moment now - just any other moment we've ever lived through and will live through - the truth is we are LOVE.  What is this thing called LOVE?  Here are some of the forms LOVE takes:

Joy, peace, light, God, harmony, safety, health, abundance, kindness, freedom, ecstasy, fulfilmment, harmony, bliss, understanding, unity, limitlessness, truth, divinity, blessedness, vibrance, tranquility, inspiration, awareness, life, patience, clarity, honesty, transcendance, encouragement, power.  Quite a roster.  And that's only the short list. 

Which list do you choose?  It's up to you.  No matter what others may choose, you can always choose LOVE.  You can begin to remind yourself each day, especially in upsetting situations, that LOVE is joy.  That Joy is truth and that is who YOU are.  Now.  You will be begin to see fear for the illusion it is and by doing this you will be encouraging others to do the same. 

Please enjoy this clip of wonderful ascended Master St. Germaine speaking through spirit channeler Ashamarae McNamara  on the fullness of LOVE.

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Peace and love,


CONSCIOUSNESS Discussion part 12

Posted by croonprince on March 9, 2010 at 11:08 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone,

For many of us around the planet, it looks like spring has sprung!  How inspiring and stimulating this time of year can be.  The idea of renewal and casting off lethargy, winter clothes is elating.  Visions of hiking and swimming and being out in nature are flooding through my CONSCIOUSNESS and I can't wait to enjoy them.  As we finish up this 12 part discussion on CONSCIOUSNESS, I want to remind everyone that everything we experience comes from our thoughts.  There is neither "wrong" nor "right" with this - things are as we create them CONSCIOUSLY or unCONSCIOUSLY at each moment and we can decide if what we are creating suits us or if it does not. We always have a choice. To explore this further, below is a teaching from someone whose CONSCIOUS, clarity and compassion I admire very much named Guy Finley.  Many of you know and love what this man has to share with us.  And after you read Guy's lesson, do take a look at the final chapter of Louise Hays wonderful program "You Can Heal Your Life" below.  I'll be be bakc with more discourses soon!




Before we can learn to free ourselves from our own fearful reactions to unwanted events, we must realize just how worthless fear actually is -- especially when we turn to it to protect us from what are essentially bad dreams wrought from the darkened works of our own imagination! When it comes to these stormy moments in life, what we resist always persists. In truth, it is our not wanting to be in a psychological storm that produces the very storm of unwanted feelings that we don't want!

One of the things that makes uncertain times so hard to bear is the flood of fearful feelings that seems to travel with them, like hard rains we are sure will soon fall from a distant, dark cloud on the horizon. But such fear is neither a natural nor necessary part of uncertainty, and this you can prove to yourself if you're willing to be a conscious storm watcher.

What does it mean to be a storm watcher? Whenever conditions occur that look like they are front-runners of a storm of some kind, choose in that same moment to sit back and become quietly aware of yourself. Watch how the newly formed, agitated thoughts and feelings within you want to drag you into dark imaginings in order to produce the storm clouds of some scary "maybe." Each time you can awaken yourself from this self-produced nightmare and pull the curtains closed on its performance, you will reclaim your natural confidence and calm. Now let's gather these last two lessons together for the third and main point of this study section.

Just as the eye of a hurricane doesn't exist without the great winds that circle it, neither does that dark or troubled sense of "I" exist as the temporary center of our struggling self without all of the negative thoughts whirling around it. We already know that the conditions that produce physical storms always pass naturally, and that when they are gone, so too is the storm they produced. Now it's time for us to learn that the same holds true for any of the psychological storms that shake us. Not only can we discover the secret of how to let any of these inner storms pass through us without fearing them, but also if we will do our part in waking up to, and letting go of, the unconscious conditions within us that create these storms, then we have learned the secret of how to end any storm before it begins!

-- Guy Finley


"You Can Heal Your Life"

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