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KNOWsis is a website designed expressly for open-minded spiritual explorers of all ages and faiths.  This site is for those who are interested in exploring the origins of their own religious beliefs and those of others in a non-judgemental and respectful space.  We do not label any belief or philosophy "right or "wrong" as those judgements can only be made by each individual for themselves.  If you are not comfortable with openly disussing religion, concepts about God and spirituality, then this is not the place for you.  If you are interested in this, please join us!


KNOWsis is a spin on the old Greek and Latin word "GNOSIS" which means to actively know something.  Our spelling is clever, if not entirely original.  We hope you will take advantage of all that this site has to offer in the way of exploring the various world religions and learning about many of the greatest spiritual teachers of all times. 

Learn about the many world religions and their traditions.  Find out what "Pagan" means. Discover what the word "Christian" actually means. Learn about some of the greatest Spiritual Teachers throughout history.  Read some of the gospels that were edited out of the Bible and Torah centuries ago!    Most importantly, you will begin to discover the similarities between the world's great faiths.  You are invited to express you own thoughts on the topic of spirituality and religious belief and to network with other like-minded people in our forums and on our live chat!

TO JOIN OUR MEMBERS LIST, PLEASE EMAIL US and put "JOIN" in the subject heading.  It's that simple!


KNOWsis is a free-to-use site.  However donations to help us maintain and run it daily are very welcome.  If you'd like to MAKE A DONATION TO KNOWSIS please click the paypal button below.  And thank you again!





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