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Dave and Diana's June Moon!

Posted by croonprince on May 20, 2011 at 9:17 PM

Music and laughter are the food of the soul.  I feel they pure expressions of who we truly are.  How ironic that music and laughter can be so rare on earth today.  It sometimes feels that we, as a human culture, have become afraid to express who we really are and that we have become more comfortable expressing who we are really NOT - i.e. anger, rage,  hostility, violence, resentment.  Our popular entertainment and culture has increasingly reflected this shift.  Art has become visually disjointed, cold "abstract".  Popular music has become all but melodic and lyrics are no longer beautifically crafted poems but now a screamed or spoken string of (often badly) rhymed obscenities.  I don't wish to put down anyone's taste in anything but what is now called popular "music" seems to be an expression of  other something other than joy and laughter.  

I think that each of us has great gifts to offer the world - and by extension every nation has great gifts to offer the world.  I feel that the greatest gift America has given the world is - no not finance - but music.  Just look at the amazing songs that came out of Tin Pan Alley from the years 1880 - 1950.  These tunes are a perfect blend of melody, lyric and rhythm.  So perfect and wonderful that they are still known today. It often makes me wonder when people today here a great recording of a classic pop tune from the 1930's and say "wow - nice tune" then they quickly forget about it and buy the latest rap or what have you tracks on itunes.  What are we afraid of that we don't want to support this wonderful music?

For whatever reason I've always been connected to the music of Tin Pan Alley (now called the "Great American Song Book").  In many ways I feel more nostalgic for the 1920's and 1930's than for my parts of my own era.  And as a singer - that is the music that I specialize in.  To me it's foolproof.  Who wouldn't like this music?  That said I want to invite you all to a very special concert I'm having on June 11 at the lovely Gershwin Hotel.  Join me and the lovely Diana Navarro for a banquet of beloved American pop classics from Tin Pan Alley - right in the area of New York where they were composed!  We'll be accompanied by Stuart Chamberlain on piano, Susan Mitchell on violin and Daniel Berges on guitar.  $15 in advance (recommended as seating is limited) and $20 at the door (cash only)

Call to order: 877-725-8849

or order online:

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