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What is Energy?

Posted by croonprince on July 22, 2010 at 4:48 PM

During this very hot summer I've been inspired to contemplate the idea of "energy".  What is "energy" - I'd say it simply that it is the force, the power that makes everything what it is.  It is the power that always has been and always will be and that moves in and out of form at every moment.  It is limitless and eternal and cannot be created nor destroyed. 

However you want to describe "energy" I can tell you that I've felt my energies in flux this summer as the temps soared.  Normally I'd said I'm good in the summer and that traditionally I prefer the extreme heat to extreme cold.  But this summer has caused me to rethink this a bit!  I've felt myself dragging on some days since June.  And when I've felt draggy I've found myself getting impatient with myself "Oh come on.  What's the matter with you?!  Why are you dragging?  Snap out of it!  You always like the heat.  Get it together!"  But I want to remind myself and everyone that energy is always in flux.  It never is NOT in flux.  Rather than pushing myself to feel a certain way - it's good to step back and observe my current level of energy and understand it better.  What is going on with my thoughts that are affecting my energy consciously or unconsciously?  What choices have I been making to support this current pattern of energy?  Whether high energy or low energy - it's up to me to directly affect it at each moment.  If I'm worried about having low energy and trying not to have low energy then I'll keep perpetuating a low energy level.  If it's high energy I truly want then it is important for me to focus my thoughts on having high energy so I can manifest that.  No matter how hot and oppressive the temperatures might be, it's up to me to decide how I'm going to feel at each moment.  Like thoughts beget like thoughts and this produces like energy. 

So - whatever your current level of energy is - remember that YOU are the conduit and channel.  You control it's flow at every moment.  If you feel yourself caught up in a vortex of low or negative energy or unclean energy - simply stop and observe it.  Picture the type of energy you want to be filled and surrounded by.  Remember that you can change energy at any moment.  Just change your thoughts and then change your choices and you will change the resulting energy flow and field within and around you.  At any rate - no matter what the current energy situation you are experiencing - it shall pass:)

Please take a look at this short video meditation from Babaji on raising your energetic vibrations:

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