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Posted by croonprince on April 6, 2010 at 8:48 PM

Oh, that old pal CHAOS.  Yikes! I won't pretend and say I love CHAOS and embrace it and think it's all hunky dory.  Nope!  CHAOS sure can mess things up in so many ways.  All I can offer is some encouragement that I have heard great teachers offer and that is:  No matter how CHAOTIC or stressful or fearful or uncertain things my appear in your life, TRUTH is always there.  TRUTH which is another word for love and peace and harmony and safefty and security and fulfillment and joy and freedom and sccess - is always right here now.  All we have to do is stop.  Yes - just stop and know that the TRUTH is eternal.  CHAOS may come - but it soon goes.  No matter - focus on the TRUTH.

With Mercury soon in retrograde (again) electro-magnetic energy field across the earth can become quite unsettled causing all sorts of CHAOS - especially related to inter-personal communication, telephones, computers etc. (as if we needed a Mercury Retrograde for this to happen!).  Don't be afraid.  Remember this too shall pass - no matter how overwhelming things might appear.  Hang loose and breathe and remember - in TRUTH - all is well!

Here to offer some encourgement to us is the wonderful teacher and spirit channeler Ashamarae with part one of St. Germaine's talk on Remembering Who You Are:

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