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Posted by croonprince on March 16, 2010 at 7:15 PM

You may be familiar with the famous Cole Porter song entitled "What is This Thing Called Love?" but today I want to ask the non-musical question "What is this thing called FEAR"?

Yeah, what is this thing called fear?  In my estimation fear is like any other emotion in that it is a by-product of earthly/material existence.  Like any emotion, or really anyTHING, fear is neither "good" nor "bad" - it just is.  It is up to us to choose to be motivated by fear and it is up to us to decide if the results of that are what we want,  But FEAR itself is really a belief.  It is no more "real" than creating a boogyman out of old clothes and then believing this creation is "real" and will "get" us.

So - if fear then is not "real" and is only illusion, why have so many people for so long clung to fear as their way of life?  I will attempt to answer this by by saying that most people for so long have not even been AWARE that they are clinging to fear as their main life motivator.  It's just habit.

The operative word is AWARE.  When are are not aware, we believe in things that are not true and we experience the results of this.  I think in a mundane sense fear can be quite a useful tool.  For instance if we are traipsing through the forest and wolf starts chasing us - fear may prompt us to shinny up the nearest tree out of harms way.  However this is a double-edged sword.  For if we go through life "being ready" for trouble - such as expecting to be chased by a wolf chasing if we are to go into the woods - then we will manifest this experience of finding trouble.  If we continue to believe that life is struggle and strife and "unpredictable" and that we have to "watch our backs" all the time - then we will create the experience of living as victims of circumstance.  We'll continue to experience being "an accident waiting to happen".

People are creatures of habit.  We tend to be comfortable with what is familiar and what we're used to - even if at a closer look what we're used to is harming us or others.  But in a fear-driven culture, we encourage this and so are encouraged to keep living in fear.  So we think it's "normal" and "realistic" and we continue to live in fear and then complaining about how unhappy our lives are.

Ok, I want to ask again - what is fear?  It may be best to list some of the forms fear takes:

Greed, hatred, ANGER, vengeance, disease. dysfunction, war, crime, poverty, rage, suspicion, jealousy, intolerance, grief, hostility , depression, lonliness, guilt, shame, resentment, regret, punishment, destruction, dishonesty,terrorism,  violence, disdain, malice, disrespect, coercion.  Quite a roster huh?  And it's only a partial list. 

Is this what we want in our personal lives?  Is this what we desire for the world in which we  currently live?  I doubt any intelligent, balanced person would ever say yes to that quesiton.  So....where does that leave us?

It leaves us here and now.  In this moment now - just any other moment we've ever lived through and will live through - the truth is we are LOVE.  What is this thing called LOVE?  Here are some of the forms LOVE takes:

Joy, peace, light, God, harmony, safety, health, abundance, kindness, freedom, ecstasy, fulfilmment, harmony, bliss, understanding, unity, limitlessness, truth, divinity, blessedness, vibrance, tranquility, inspiration, awareness, life, patience, clarity, honesty, transcendance, encouragement, power.  Quite a roster.  And that's only the short list. 

Which list do you choose?  It's up to you.  No matter what others may choose, you can always choose LOVE.  You can begin to remind yourself each day, especially in upsetting situations, that LOVE is joy.  That Joy is truth and that is who YOU are.  Now.  You will be begin to see fear for the illusion it is and by doing this you will be encouraging others to do the same. 

Please enjoy this clip of wonderful ascended Master St. Germaine speaking through spirit channeler Ashamarae McNamara  on the fullness of LOVE.

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Peace and love,


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